Un lugar diferente en el corazón de la patagonia
Historia y curiosidades



The cultural diversity present in objects and details that give life to Antares Patagonia Suites & Eventos are but a sample of the rich history of a family that has left their imprint on the development of the Province of Neuquén, and whose house has been turned into this incredible venue offering first-class services.

Historia y curiosidades


The history of the Sapags and their cultural richness may be found in the ancient Arabian furniture made of silver, nacre and ivory, in the delicious chess table and the Persian carpets, as well as in an original stone from General Don José de San Martín's house in Yapeyú, or a virgin embroidered by Manuelita, Juan Manuel de Rosas' daughter. Each of these objects will certainly tinge your experience in Antares Patagonia Suites & Eventos with historical and cultural tourism.


A Bible written in Latin by Miguel Servetus and dating from 1542 can be found in the living-room. Inside a glass cabinet, one of its open volumes dazzles visitors. History goes that Servetus was hired to edit the Bible exposed here by Dominican Friar Santes Paginini, who devoted 25 years of his life to translating the original texts into Latin. Servetus was burned at the stake by decision of Calvin in the City of Geneva for embracing free-will over predestination.


At Antares Patagonia Suites & Eventos, diverse historical and cultural accounts will add color to your stay.

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